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HOW to connect 4xDDR3 chip with p2040?

Question asked by luo weiping on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by luo weiping


I am design new project schematic by using P2040 and micron ddr3.

one DDR3 spec is 2Gb, 16bits, MICRON DDR3 part number is MT41J128M16JT-125.


and I find the P2020 reference design schematic. why the data bus lines are irregular and cross between p2020 and ddr2.

for example, DDR2_DQ13--->DQ0, DDR2_DQ14--->DQ1, DDR2_DQ8--->DQ2. etc.


I upload the reference schematic. please help me to analysis it.

Additionally, if you have the correct reference design shematic about p2040 and ddr3, please send it to me.