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How to read flash and EEPROM with USBDM from HCS08?

Question asked by Christian Scha on May 27, 2015
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my Name is Chris from Germany and I'm new at freescale µC, so pleace be patient.


My goal is to read eeprom and flash of a MC9S08AW48 and MC9S08AC48. EEPROM is definetly not fused, because error codes are stored in it, which need to be read for diagnostig. The flash part also shound't be locked, 'cos I read something about it on russian board (with google translation).


My sevice is based on JB16, I ordered it from china and didn't know before, that this is an old device. Yesterday I ordered a JS16 based one, but shipping will need about four weeks.


USBDM device is correctly installed and I'm able to detect chip with HCS08 programmer.


Now I don't know what to do anymore.Joel from told me that this could be possible with usbdmcript.exe but don't know if it is possible with JB16 and how to do.


Maybe someone can help me!


Best regards from Germany