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Usage of two simultaneous accelerometers

Question asked by Clovis Marcondes on May 27, 2015
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Hi guys,



I´m working on an academic project that I have the intention to use two accelerometers (MMA8452Q) to get the deformation of a body in movement. The first accelerometer will stay over a soft surface that can suffer deformations and the other one will stay at another part (rigid) and will only detect accelerations from movement of the entire body. If I could assure they where aligned I could make the difference between the 2 vectors and so I could get the deformation acceleration of the body even in movement. But they are not aligned so I thought I could rotate one vector over the other one, to get the values on the same coordinate system and get the difference. Is it possible? How to make this on a dynamic system with the body in movement and the accelerometers changing their alignments?