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FRDM-KL43Z IC getting very hot and fast

Question asked by Thiago Palmieri on May 27, 2015
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I think I already know the answer, but maybe I can get a happy surprise if I ask here.


I have a FRDM-KL43Z board which was working perfectly until now.


Now, when I plug it into the USB (K20 openSDA and the direct KL43 USB connector as well) the KL43 IC gets very hot, very fast. The board, K20 openSDA interface is recognized and mounted correctly, however I am unable to upload any code to KL43, the screen below keep showing:



I was going to probe the board to check voltages and components, but it gets hot very fast so I cant keep it on for longer than a few seconds.


The last sketch I uploaded was a simple "HELLO WORLD" LPUART test (send it every second) using OSA/FREERTOS.


Simple questions:


Is it bricked ?


If not, what can I do to resurect it ?


if yes, do you think I can still use the openSDA interface as debugger for other boards ??