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Debugging MK20DN512ZVLQ10 with P&E Multilink - not programming flash

Question asked by Alex Tait on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by Alex Tait

I have ported a project from CW10.3 to KDS 3.0.0.


The project compiles without errors and creates an ELF file.


I have been able to create a GDB PEMicro Interface Debugging debug connection, and using the Advanced Options on the Debugger tab, have been able to preserve a memory range for the boot-loader used on the project.


When debugging, KDS goes through the familiar process similar to CW10.3, preserves the correct memory range, erases the rest of the memory, and seems to program the project.


However, when running the project, it falls over, and it is obvious that the memory has NOT been programmed.  The same project can be debugged correctly on CW10.3.


One immediate concern is that the closest device I can choose is K20DN512ZM10.  However, if I choose an alternative algorithm on Advanced Options, and choose the algorithm used by CW10.3, I get the same outcome.


I noticed that a default setting when creating the connection is 'Use SWD protocol', which is not applicable to my part.


What it the obvious that i am missing?


All suggestions are welcome!