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From KL26 to KL16Z128 Sleep Mode Issues

Question asked by Aksel Bondoe on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by jeremyzhou

We have been working on developing an industrial sensor node for the last one and half years. In the first prototype phase we have been using the KL26 development board. However, now we have made a PCB with the a KL16Z128 mounted.


It is in the change from KL26 development board to the KL16Z128 that we are experiencing issues now, and specifically with sleep modes. We are using two different kinds of sleep mode:

  1. STOP mode for short period of time when connecting to an industrial wireless network. In this mode get woken up successfully by the UART interface with the KL26. However, with the KL16Z128, the UART wakes up the MCU, but all data on the UART turns into nonsense seen from the MCU. We remove the sleep mode (STOP) and the UART data is read normally again.
  2. LLS mode when sleeping for longer periods of time in between sensor measurement cycles. In this mode the MCU gets woken up by LLWU, either periodically by the LPTMR0, or occasionally by the UART TX RTS. This functionality works perfectly on the KL26Z, however with the KL16Z the MCU never gets woken by LLWU.


The problems that we experience now impacts the core functionality of our product, and sets the entire project on a hold. If someone knows anything about these issues, and can help, it would be much appreciated.


Best regards,

Aksel Bondø