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MPC 8313 e300 Core is Not initializing in UBOOT

Question asked by rama krishna vishnumolakala on May 26, 2015
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Dear All,

              I am Newbie to the MPC world and facing a different issue while bring up the New custom board based on MPC8313E.Our custom board has the NAND flash for booting purpose. For flashing of uboot image to nand, we follow the procedure listed below. We take MPC8313RDB as a reference.

1.Build the Uboot with minimal configurations(only nand flashing) that should be loading to the target via JTAG.

2.Connect the JTAG ( USB TAP) to the target.

3.Initialize the DDR by using Cfg file.

4.load the uboot image to DDR (adddress 0x100000)by using JTAG.

5. Change the Program counter value to the specified location(in our case 0x100110:init API).    

6.Click on RUN in the configuration terminal.


If the Above procedure is successful, then the uboot prompt will come in the debug port, After that by using NAND flashing commands we can flash the UBOOT image to the NAND.


We have multiple custom boards (same configuration and same chip)based on MPC8313E,The above procedure is working for all boards except one.


The Problem is Core is not getting initialized and processor is going to undefined state(Not known for JTAG). I am trying to STOP the process by using JTAG, it shows the error as

"Failed to Stop the Process. Cannot Put the target into STOP Mode". The last instruction executed is at address 0x103178. I have check in the file , the API is init_e300_core.

In the API some initialization sequence is happening (MSR register is updating).


1. Is the Processor is Not responding to some instructions ?

2. Processor is Connecting to the JTAG Well, but during init of core going to exception, is the Processor is misbehaving due to some internal corruption?


I would like to know the reason for misbehaving of processor?


Please help me to sort out the problem .Please give some insights for debugging of board.


Thanks & Regards

Rama Krishna


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