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implement a hardware license

Question asked by arnogir on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Bob Paddock



I'm working on a  project which use a K60 with MQX 4.2.0.


The board will have an Ethernet connection with an laptop home made software to control the board.


I need to implement a hardware license. I explain my need:


The board must be activated with a key (provided by a seller). The key must contain a time delay information (i.e: Must run until 3 April 2015)

The board will be equipped with the RTC.


But I have to protect myself against all attempts to divert license: Change current date, remove RTC battery to RAZ the date etc..

The board date will be set only by laptop software which will be placed in an "administrator mode"


Have you an example that is close near or far from what I want?