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Tools needed for embedded induction motor control

Question asked by Joshua Woodward on May 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Joshua Woodward

This is a general product question. Since I can't email a customer service rep and its too late to call, I hope someone here can help. I am new to Freescale, and the embedded world as well. I am working on an application to create a custom motor controller for an variable speed 3 phase induction motor. I was brought here because the Kinetis motor control suite seemed to be a good solution. I am a little confused on what is needed to create a end product. I am understanding from the website that with their micro-controller and motor control software solution I can create the embedded controller (with the needed power electronics and inverter hardware as well of course). Given the Kinetis motor suite, what exactly is needed to create an embedded motor controller? In other words, which software tools do I need to create the end embedded motor control product using their micro-controllers? I am asking because looking at the motor suite and the MC_Toolbox seems essential, but at a price tag of $8000 it is more than my team can afford.