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Kinetis K60 oscillator selection

Question asked by sowmyabr on May 23, 2015
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We are working on K60 controller and our custom board. As per our understanding bsp clock is configured for external oscillator 0 with 50MHz and the same clock is bypassed for ethernet clock.


But we have to configure the bsp clock for external crystal and it should run with oscillator 1 which is 25 MHz. We are turning on/off ethernet at run time in our application.

Since external oscillator 0 is used to PLL0 and for core clock and ethernet clock, the controller is resetting when we switch off ethernet.


We tried to changed the bsp for selecting PLL0 reference clock as oscillator 1 but in no avail.

RTOS 4.1 version we are using and referred to pe expert but that did not helped.


Please help us in fixing the issue.