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config file for P1020

Question asked by Lam Phung Le on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Can Van Quyen

Dear Freescale,


I would like to ask you about some problem when i try to make u-boot image from SDcard or EEPROM (eSPI) flash memory.

As I know we need to make file include control word, configuration word  to include u-boot image.

I do that following bellow step.

1. Make u-boot.bin (based on ram by make (make P1020RDB-PC_SPIFLASH_config, and then make)

2. based on documentation AN3659, it shows we need to make configuration for sdcard and espi (*.bat) file. But I can not how to generate this file to p1020RDB-pc.

So my problem is :

Could you tell me how to generate this file.


Thank you very much!