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BeeKit and PWM on TWR-MKW24

Question asked by Caden Sowers on May 23, 2015



I'm a little new to the BeeKit environment and have successfully followed a few of the design guides to create and modify the solutions to start/connect and interact with other nodes on a network. I was hoping to have one end point control a motor but whenever I attempt to initiate FTM0 for generating a PWM signal it messes up the kernel and Leds 2 and 4 become permanently lit. I am using PORTD_PCR4 on alt 4 (FTM0_CH4) for the PWM signal. I do know that an LED(I believe LED4) is also on PORTD_PCR4 and adjusted all commands involving LED4 to use LED3 instead. I'm not worried about this affecting the output of LED3. I have tried a few other FTM configs and all mess up the kernel. To me it seems that the TS_Kernel must be using the flex timers for their own use. When I debug, FTM0 is enabled by default as is the system clock for PORTD. I attached my PWM code. Any help on getting this PWM to work correctly with the kernel would be much appreciated. If it can't be done with the kernel that information would also be helpful.

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