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data window and memory not updating in flash memory area using e128

Question asked by Ed Taylor on Nov 25, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Rex Liao
another newbie question.
i have some default data values that are hard coded as dc.w in my main.asm orged @ $4000. when i use the debugger the code (default values) show in the data window and in the memory window at $4000 after the chip is flashed.
in my project code there is an user modify and save back to flash. when i reprogram the flash i don't see the changes in either the data of memory windows although they are set to periodical refresh and readily show changes in ram. manually refreshing has no effect. if i set PPAGE to $3e to move the $4000 data to the paged memory area the changes show correctly there at $8000. should i not see the changed data in the data and memory windows?
puzzled but trying???
thanks in advance