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USB-OTG performance highly degraded moving from kernel 3.10.17 to 3.10.53

Question asked by Robert Budde on May 21, 2015

Hello community members!


We are using approx. 6 recent Boundary Devices SabreLite boards and one Boundary Devices NitrogenMax board for developing with the i.MX6 product family. We are using the Yocto build system as supplied by Boundary Devices with some additional recipes. Targeting for a custom design without an ethernet connection we are using the USB-OTG in combination with the Ether-Gadget to send and receive data. On the 3.10.17 kernel, the UDP performance of the "virtual" network interface was fine. Since Yocto kernel recipe moved on to the 3.10.53 kernel, the USB performance is heavily degraded and sometimes the interface seems to be even stuck for a bunch of seconds. From diff-ing the /drivers/usb dirs of both branches in the Boundary Devices kernel repo (which is based on the Freescale repo) we can't see any big changes. Yet the problem is clearly and only related to the kernel change and is reproducible on both the SabreLite and the NitrogenMax.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!


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Robert Budde