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i.MX50: Real USB register addresses

Question asked by Nori Shinozaki on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hello Champs,



In RM, "Table 2-1. System Memory Map" tells us,


53F8_0000 : USBOH1 (PORT USB)

53FC_4000 : USBOH1 (PORT PL301)


And in the page 3270, there is a "USBOH1 memory map".


In this table, USB Control Register (USBOH1_USB_CTRL) is 53FC_4800.


However my customer says it must be 53F8_0800.


What is a real USBOH1 memory map for setting up USB module?



In the page 3286, there is a table "56.6 Core Registers",


The addres is starting at 53F8_0000.

However the customer says that this address should be referred when the USB is used as a OTG port.

When using as a USB Host port, they should refer to the address stating at 53F8_0200, which is not listed in the table.


Is that correct?


Best regards,

Nori Shinozaki