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CCA Mode 2 with the Freescale MAC

Question asked by Drew Gislason on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by George-lucian Capraru

I've been working with the current BeeKit (MAC Codebase BeeKit Kinetis MAC Codebase 4.0.1).


There seems to be a bug/issue with the NWK/MAC interface (NwkMacInterface.h) passing through CCA Mode 2. There is a txOptions flag gTxOptsCCA_Mode2_c, but this doesn't get reflected down to the PHY layer, PhyPdDataRequest(), in PhyPlmeData.c.


We did a work-around by setting a global flag prior to calling the MAC data request, then using that in the PHY driver.


The reason we want to use CCA Mode 2 is my understanding this should be "better" than listening for RF noise in a highly noisy (WiFi, etc...) or multi-path environments (lots of cement/metal), so that MAC and/or ZigBee apps can communicate better.


- Drew Gislason