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GLES20: shader link error on IMX6 3.10.53 (uniform mismatch between vertex and fragment)

Question asked by sylvain LE HENAFF on May 20, 2015
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an application running fine on a SMARC IMX6 based on a Yocto (3.10.17 with Galcore module 4.9xx) is not running anymore since it has been places on another  Smarc running a yocto image based on a 3.10.53 kernel.(galcore v5.x)


Debugging the function, it came from an error on the shader part of the program. The fragment and the vertex shadder cannot be linked since the program is running on the new kernel.


The report show a uniform mismatch  between vertex and fragment shader.

The  shader  has been used  on several platform without problem. the vcompiler from vivante reports the same error.



Does anybody have a clue on the possible origin of the problem ?


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