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SD Card based U-Boot for IMX6

Question asked by Praveenkumar I on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi Everyone,

     I'm working on U-Boot for our customized board which is using SD Card as boot device. Before going to that, I have tried the SD Card based U-Boot in Sabrelite board with the help of source code available in FEDEVEL/imx6rex-u-boot-2009.08 · GitHub and a patch file iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC3.bin availble in Boards/MX6QSabreLite - Linaro Wiki . Loaded the patch file in NOR Flash and loaded the U-Boot in SD Card with the help cfimager-imx.exe by giving command "cfimager-imx.exe -o 0 -f u-boot.bin -d E". It is working fine.


     For our custom board, I'm using the same source files with changes related to our board like DCD, UART, SPI & I2C but it is not working.


     I have considered that the soure file is which working in Sabrelite SD Card based U-Boot will work in our Custom board which is using SD3 with the above changes. After changes done in source code, cross compiled the source code and loaded with the help of cfimager-imx.exe and tried in two offsets,

     cfimager-imx.exe -o 0 -f u-custom_boot.bin -d E

     cfimager-imx.exe -o 0x400 -f u-custom_boot.bin -d E


     Sabrelite is using eFUSEs but we are using GPIO pins BT_CFG1[] and BT_CFG2[] with Internal Boot Mode, considering default value in BT_FUSE_SEL=0. As of my high level understanding, source file states that it is using MMC but we are connecting SD Card in Sabrelite. That is creating confusion in bit selection of BT_CFG1[] and BT_CFG2[] in Custom board.


     Please clarify the doubts and let me know anything I'm missing.


     Thanks in Advance.