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Hox to Configure Pin Mux on TWR-K64F120M with mqx

Question asked by Fabrice TOCCI on May 20, 2015
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We are using a TWR_K64F120M with MQX as starter dev kit for my project.

The Dev env is IAR workbench with IJet probe.


The system drives a set of dynamic sensors (Invensens MPU9250), a GPRS modem (SIERRA HILO HL8548)  and some other static sensors.


We have completed our first development steps with Tower kits and we want to move to our first mockup HW.


For this HW we want to change Pin muxing compare to TWR_K64.


Lets take I2C0 as example.

On TWR K64 I2C0 is mapped as follow

I2C0_SCL is mapped on PTD8 (ALTERNATE 2)

I2C0_SDA is mapped on PTD9 (ALTERNATE 2)


On our HW we want to map I2C0 as follow:

I2C0_SCL is mapped on PTE24 (ALTERNATE 5)

I2C0_SDA is mapped on PTE25 (ALTERNATE 5)


How can we acheive  that?

What do we have to change?

Can we manage the pin mux changes on TWRK64F120M with processor expert?


Thank you for you help.


Best regards.