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How to change fw_version of device_info_t in FXLC95000?

Question asked by Vitaliy Siplichuk on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by James Mcglasson


I use Code warrior IDE with ISF1. I have example project "eCompass_Project". I want to edit some code of this project and I think that I will have some cnanges in the future. And I want to have possibility to check version of FXLC95000 firmware in my host application to know when I need to update it. I know that I can read Dev info using command 0x00 0x00.

In the file isf.h I see next code:


typedef struct {

    uint_32              device_id;   /**< ROM: Pseudo random part identification value           */

    uint_16              rom_version; /**< ROM: ROM version code: major.minor                     */

    uint_16              fw_version;  /**< FW:  Firmware version code: major.minor                */

    uint_16              hw_version;  /**< ROM: Hardware version code: major.minor                */

    uint_16              build_code;  /**< FW:  Firmware build number and date code. The value is

                                      *        encoded in the following bit fields:

                                      *        - [15:12] daily build number, 0 to 15

                                      *        - [11: 8] build month, 1 to 12

                                      *        - [ 7: 3] build day, 1 to 31

                                      *        - [ 2: 0] build year, 2010 to 2017                 */

    uint_16              part_number; /**< FW:  BCD encoded part number, e.g. 0x500x              */

    uint_8               reset_cause; /**< FW:  Lower 5 bits from the RCSR reports reset source   */

    uint_8               secure_mode; /**< FW:  Lower 2 bits of FOPT report the security mode of

                                      *         the device: 2 = secure, otherwise not secure      */

} device_info_t;



So, my question is how can I change firmware information and what information can I change? Will be enaugh to change

uint_16              fw_version;

uint_16              build_code;


If yes, how can I do that?