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SD1_DATA mux mode

Question asked by Vadim Ignatov on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by igorpadykov


I'm trying to use the "iMX 6Series Plarform SDK v1.1.0" for my demo board with iMX6DL processor.

There is a function  void hdmi_tx_phydtb_pgm_iomux(void)  from the file /board/common/board_hdmi.c.

This function configures mux mode to ALT6 for SD1_DATA0 pad and SD1_DATA1 pad ( // for hdmi_tx instance OPHYDTB[0]/OPHYDTB[1] port ??? ).

I have not found this mux mode for SD1_DATA pad from Reference Manual






MUX Mode Select Field.

Select 1 of 3 iomux modes to be used for pad: SD1_DAT0.

000 ALT0 — Select signal SD1_DATA0.

011 ALT3 — Select signal GPT_CAPTURE1.

101 ALT5 — Select signal GPIO1_IO16.


What makes this setting ? And what is the OPHYDTB ? Thank you