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Why this kind of error does happen in the case of using Software for P4080 B(Rev.2)  with C(Rev.3) version CPU ?

Question asked by sunghyukchoi on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by lunminliang


Thank you for your attentions.


We developed Software for P4080 B type(= Rev.2).

But, without Software change, we replaced the B type CPU with C type P4080(=Rev.3)

And, then we met some errors, for example, function fail of sysusdelay() which is a fucntion of sysLib.c.


I recently read the AN4584 and "P4080 Rev.N errata", so I understand there are some differences between B type and C type of P4080.

And, I corrected some c code and tested repeatedly.

But, still now, what was the main cause for the sysusdelay() function fail.


Are there any one who experienced this kind of trouble due to CPU type changes?

If so, please give me some technical advises


Thank you.