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LIN configuration not generated properly

Question asked by Ajith Arikkath on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Ajith Arikkath

I am using the freescale product FSL_LIN_2.x_DRIVER_4.5.2 for KE06z controller. I am attaching the generated file. I am attaching lin_cfg.c and lin_cfg.h files.
Here I am using LIN_FLAG_BYTE_OFFSET_CSM_uart1_Slave_Type_Frm1 to check whether frame is updated
#define LIN_FLAG_BYTE_OFFSET_CSM_uart1_Slave_Type_Frm1 18
and in the code I am checking l_flg_tst_CSM_uart2_Slave_Type_Frm1_flag()

But the lin_cfg.c file is generated as ,{ LIN_FRM_UNCD, 4, LIN_RES_SUB, 64, 33, 2 , (l_u8*)0 } where 33 is the flag no: instead of 18.
Also finding flag size as 2.
Please let me know how to use these API's in my application code to check whether I have received frame or not.

Also please let me know how to call API's to check whether I received a event triggered frame.

Please check if this is a defect in the plugin.



Ajith Arikkath