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Synchronization issue in DMA of MPC56

Question asked by Meedan Deys on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by Meedan Deys

Hello  Folks,

I am facing below issue with DMA and UART on MPC5646C, any help would be appreciated.

I am using 2 UART channels on MPC5646C for communication with other devices. I have configured UART1 RX/TX to use DMA channels 0,1 and UART2 RX/TX to use DMA channels 2,3.

Communication happens smoothly on UART1/2 initially, however after ~6 hrs, UART1 RX goes out of synchronization. i.e. on UART1 RX/DMA I see only partial data (~16 bytes out of 20 bytes).

Directions on this issue would be greatly appreciated.