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What TWR LCD board allows a DCU/LCD interface to be demonstrated?

Question asked by Kenneth Macfarlane on May 18, 2015
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I want to see the DCU drive any old parallel LCD as I can't get an LCD to go over an LVDS link i.e. I want to see pixel clock/Vsync/Hsync & DE with RGB888 or 666. The TWR LCD & TWR LCD RGB both seem to drive the LCD via an SPI link from the Vybrid (or other Tower processor) to the Coldfire on the TWR LCD board. I think that the AutoEVB has a parallel DCU to LCD interface, but I don't have an LCD daughterboard. Is there anyway of doing it on a Tower? Failing that, how can I get hold of an AutoEVB daughterboard?


On page 19 of the AutoEVB  schematic (SCH-27419), the DCU is connected directly to the LCD.


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