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Gatewaying of CAN messages

Question asked by rahul krishna on May 16, 2015



I am trying to gateway the CAN messages from one channel to four other channels. I mean to say i receive messages from Channel 1 and need to gateway to channels 2, 3,4 in s12x. Apart from this one and 2 channels also fill the CAN bus with cyclic periodic messages. The messages which needs to be gateway come with specific message ids so i am clear which needs to be gateway. while i start the process of gateway the either the system hangs or it is not gatewaying properly if it does for one channel it does not do it for others. it is extremely confusing and difficult to debug whether the problem is with the transmission or reception. The gateway messages will be coming at very high frequency of 6ms. Please suggest me the best method of implementing this functionality. How to avoid the cyclic messages in this scenario. Request your advice. please let me know if you require further information regarding the system. please help.