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Multiple USBDM programmers and ARM_Programmer command line utility

Question asked by Matthew Harper on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Matthew Harper

Started using the latest, okay not quite the latest,  USBDM_4_11_1_10 programmer firmware. (I see it got updated last night)


We're using four programmers based on the USBDM firmware for the FRDM-KL25 to program four devices at the same time

using arm_programmer.exe from the command line actually we are shelling out from a C# program to run the utility.


First issue.


One of the the four programmers will hang occasionally.  And we'll have to unplug it. Not sure why this is happening. 

We tried moving them two different USB bus controllers and this helps a lot.  Isn't ideal though.  Not sure why this

is happening exactly, but it's a problem.  Using just one programmer is totally reliable though.


Any guidance on how to go forward would be appreciated.


Second issue


Is when the arm_programmer.exe is run from the command line and you get a target connection

problem, the utility pops up a message box.  This probably should be disabled when running on the command line.

(On our computer is sometimes pops up behind another window and that causes confusion)


This seems like an easy enough fix.


Third question: Is it possible to recompile the dll used by the USBDM firmware and call it directly from C#/.net?