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Dear All,


USBDM has been updated to version


A video introduction is available at:

USBDM with Kinetis Design Studio and Kinetis SDK - YouTube


The software is available at:



More information is available at:

USBDM: USBDM Debugger interface for Freescale RS08,HCS08,HCS12,Coldfire and ARM-Kinetis Devices.


  • USBDM is a debugger hardware interface for a range of Freescale micro-controllers. It is designed to work with Freescale's Codewarrior software under Windows and Linux.
  • It also provides support for Coldfire with the M68K GNU Tool chain or Kinetis with ARM Ltd GNU Tools for ARM.
  • A set of stand-alone programmers for HCS08, HCS12, Kinetis and Coldfire are also provided.