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KDS - Preprocessor tool settings define symbols issue

Question asked by John Baker on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by John Baker

I have a KDS project with 5 different build configurations.  Each build configuration defines unique symbols based on final project type that are referenced throughout the code to include or exclude source code.  When I set any build configuration as active and build the project KDS recognizes the appropriate symbols and works like a champ.


The problem is that when I am making changes to the code ALL of the source code is grayed out because the none of the symbols are set in code.  When I now right-click on a variable or function and try to "Open Declaration" it no longer works.


Has anybody else run into this situation or know how to correct it?


I could define the appropriate symbols for each build configuration in the code as I was doing before but the reason I changed it in the first place was so that I would not screw up and forget to change the #define's to the correct settings before building.


I tried defining ALL of the symbol in the source but that made things even worse when I went to do a build.  (MANY Errors due to all code being included!)




John Baker