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best use to the cache

Question asked by Stefano Di Giulio on May 14, 2015
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could you help me please.


my environment consist of
- PPC 7448
- FreeScale “CodeWarrior Development Studio for PowerQUICC v8.8”. con optimization level = 4
- NO operating system, only my algorithm.
1 )I use CodeWarrior optimization level = 4.
which are the compiler options applied?

2)in my context no operating system no interrupt only algorithm.
to optimize the cache use what is the best way? using the prefetch instructions  (dcbt, dcbtst) or using the gnu compiler options -fprefetch-loop-arrays.

3) if I use both together   (dcbt, dcbtst) and  options -fprefetch-loop-arrays, which may be the possible problems?

4) which are the best cache model for me?


regards stefano