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KSDK Cpu System Reset

Question asked by bcamp on May 14, 2015
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I'm migrating a project from the non-KSDK world to KSDK. If I want to execute a cpu / system  software reset *and* do it with KDSK 1.2 - how do I do it? Prior art was to let PEX come up with a Cpu_SystemReset() inside Cpu.c and use that.


The intent is to eventually get the right bits into the VTOR register and cause software reset of the MCU. I see places in the SDK that will allow me to read back the fact that the last boot was from a software reset. If there is a call in there to invoke the software reset it is pretty well hidden.


Yes, I can indeed bash the right bits into the right place and the reset will occur. Doing that seems to violate the idea of running through the SDK