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Typical Power Consumption SABRE SDB

Question asked by Joseph Alejandro on May 14, 2015
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I am working with an i.MX6Q and using the SABRE SDB as my platform.  When looking at the schematics on pg.19 of 25 I see the Current consumption for the power rails on the PF0100.  My question is: SW1A & SW1B (VDDCORE) has a current consumption of 2155mA for the processor, but SYS_4V2 which is supplying power to the entire board has a current draw of only 1001mA for that rail.  It might be a stupid question, but if I total up the current consumption for the board we total 7375mA and right next to it they show "Total system Current Requirements" of 4454mA for SYS_4V2.  How can this be?

Current Consumption.JPG