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Re: change from GT16 to GT16A programming

Question asked by Martin Leung on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2007 by David Payne

Dear all,

In past, we use codewarrior (ver. ) to program GT16 CPU and works fine. (But we need to select GT60 when programming and real-time debug). The hardware uses Zigbee module (MC13192 as external clk)

Now we need to change the CPU to GT16A. However, the program cannot be download to the CPU with the error as listed below

(Error loading programming algorithm – load aborted)

(Error occurred during Flash programming)

(ERROR 14 during programming!)


Then we try to select GT16 when programming the GT16 CPU and GT16A CPU. It can download into the CPU but halt while running in real-time debugger as listed below

Frequency change to ~3910272hz.


It stop at the DisableInterrupts command in start08.c  as listed below

void _Startup(void){

  DisableInterrupts;  /* in HIWARE format, this is done in the prestart code */


If anyone can give me a hand.