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Does ChipIdea USB Dual Role works on i.MX6q Sabre-SD Board for kernel "3.10.53" ?

Question asked by Ricky Luisus on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Sebastien Pruvost



I am trying to setup i.mx6q board for USB dual role mode using Linux kernel 3.10.53. It is using chipidea driver for it.


I am using kernel 3.10.53 kernel in my project.


I am trying to follow instructions mentioned at location Documentation\usb\chipidea.txt


Everything is working fine till step #2 mentioned in the document. But when I try step#3 to switch the role for 'B' device to become host, it is not happening.


Am I missing out something on the setup or steps?


Is there any patch available to fix it?


Did anyone ever get success to test this role-switch on 3.10.53 or later?