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PEG Software Support

Question asked by Avanish Singh on May 14, 2015

For Environment


CPU: MCF52277 V2 coldfire


GRAPHICS CONTROLLER: Inbuilt 18 –bit LCD controller (240 x320 color max)

COMPILER: Codewarrior ColdFire_7.2_SE


Please provide answer to below query. Whether peg versions - "PEG Lite"  " PEG Plus"  "PEG  Pro " supports or not .if supports please provide proper explaination.



1. Does Graphics support low cost printer to high end printers


2. The graphics library should have no or few dependencies so that it can be run on different targets and with no or different embedded operating systems


3. Does graphics library support running on Windows for test automation, and testing on developer PC's.


4. The graphics library must be flexible to support various LCD screens

      a)support up to 24-bit color screens.

      b)support resistive, capacitive touch screens.

5. Does graphics library  support the design of the story boards

   a)Does the graphics library  support custom controls as specified by the user interface designer, e.g. custom buttons, scroll, see story board.

   b)Does the graphics library  support transparent background on graphics and icons.


6. Icons and graphics will be created by user interface designer in separate tools like Adobe Illustrator, does the graphics library support the most common icon and graphics formats.


7. The licensing should preferably be flexible so that it can be used with any printer, on any target platform and be work on by any.