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New installation CW10.6, casting errors (printf cant show negative values)

Question asked by Carl Norman on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by Carl Norman

Code snippet:

    printf("test result = %i\r\n", 0xFF);

    printf("test result = %i\r\n", (char)0xFF);


Simple code that I have run on my cygwin gcc, and visual studio all return the expected result:


test result = 255

test result = -1


Run this code on my new MQX4.1.1 build with up to date CW10.6 (win7 64bit) and get:


test result = 255

test result = 255


Problem is this worked on my old windows build (also a fresh installation), so what changed? what setting could affect this?


Obviously I have dumbed this down but this is a serious probelm for my code which has been working on MQX4.1.1 up to date, and now has stopped (all i did was rebuild my computer and fresh install this).