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P1011 eTSEC1 CRC and FCS Errors External PHY

Question asked by Christian Freitag on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Christian Freitag


we use a custom board with the P1011, the linux kernel 3.18 and the gianfar driver version 1.3.

The eTSEC1 module is connected to an external PHY (Broadcom 5461) and the connection type is rgmii-id.

mdio@24000 {
    phy0: ethernet-phy@10 {
        compatible = "broadcom-5461";
        reg = <0x10>;
enet0: ethernet@b0000 {
    phy-connection-type = "rgmii-id";


The MDIO connection to the external PHY shows with mii-diag tool no errors and is working fine.

If we send a ping from a host to the board:

- we receive no packet

- we receive ARP request frames with CRC and FCS error (ethtool -S eth0)

- we receive ARP request frame without errors, the kernel responds (tcpdump -vvv) but the host (wireshark) does not receive the response

- if the kernel responds to the ARP requests from the host the TX-LED of the PHY is blinking


Is there a problem between with the GMII module and the PHY?

Is there an handshaking between GMII and PHY?

How can I fix this issue?