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Hi , I am Subrat. (Issue in BSP Porting for MQX RTOS)I am using Codewarrior 10.6 for my SW development on MQX RTOS For K60 MCU.

Question asked by Subrat Biswal on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by soledad

I am following the MQX_BSP_Porting_Guide.pdf for the BSP,PSP and RTCS porting of the K60DX256VLL10 from the K60D100M BSP Evaluation board.


I am using the MK60DX256VLL10 as my processor and using eth-to-serial example as a reference code.

I am finding it very difficult to port the MCU.


I am following steps as defined in MQX_BSP_Porting_Guide.pdf:      


  1. 1)      Clone BSP – makes a copy of a provided BSP with a new name which is later modified : I was able to do this steps and use the BSP Cloning Wizard.


  1. 2) Add PEx to the BSP project – only needed if using PEx with IAR Embedded Workbench® or MDK-ARM Keil™ tool chain : Not required as I am using CW10.6.


  1. 3) Change the PEx CPU Component/Package – optional step if using PEx in the BSP. : I am using PEx and added the my desired CPU i.e. MK60DX256VLL10. While selecting the toolchain I am selecting the GNU C Complier instead of "Legacy CodeWarrior ARM C Compiler" if I am selecting Legacy CodeWarrior ARM C Compiler I am getting the error as :

          “Incorrect tool chain selected in project setting: Please change your project setting to use 'ARM Toolchain' or change the selected Compiler.”


  1. 4)      Changing the MCU derivative in MQX projects : I have kept #define MQX_CPU PSP_CPU_MK60D100M as I have to use MK60D10.h only.

MK60D10.h is the header file supporting both the controllers MK60DX256VLL10 and MK60DN512VLL10(as in eval board).


  1. 5) Modify clock configuration. I want to use only internal clock only. (in actual Hardware I am using External Crystal of 20MHz. In eval board there is external oscillator of 50MHz).I have also checked the code with an example code using only Processor expert for the working of the external is working fine.
  2. Need help in bellow steps as I have not changed anything till now.
  3. 6) Modify BSP source/include files and user_config.h.
  4. 7) Modify derivative-specific driver files.
  5. 8) Add/remove driver source files in BSP project.
  6. 9) Modify BSP Memory map and linker file.
  7. 10) Modify post-link batch files.
  8. 11) Change CodeWarrior debugger memory file – optional if using CodeWarrior and dependent on the derivative.
  9. 12)   Port example applications to a new BSP – optional for testing the new BSP. I have imported the eth-to-serial project example created by using the BSP Cloning Wizard.