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Debug Error : The function "close" returned an error condition  (0x80004005)

Question asked by Rafael Dalazen on May 13, 2015




Trying to debug my project ,this error has appeared:



An error has occurred. See error log for more details.

The function "close" returned an error condition  (0x80004005)



I'm using the KL26Z128 microcontroller and programming in CodeWarrior 10.6.



The goal of this project is to receive data from FXOS8700CQ through of the I2C0 . After I have configured the I2C0, no error has shown.

But  to use the printf(" ") function, I had to configure the UART0 , then after this adjust ,this error started to appear.



Can someone give me a clue?


PS: The project is attached bellow.



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