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Receive UDP frame on a socket while another socket is in TCP listen state?

Question asked by arnogir on May 13, 2015
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I have ask this question in other post but with an other, then this second question was not answered.

I post it to separate the subject.

(MQX Ethernet: Send UDP Frame? )


I use K60 with MQX 4.2 and KDS 3.0.0.


My system need to communicate with a laptop (where I developing my own software) with UDP Frame (Send / Receive)

This is done in one MQX task.


In the same time, the K60 should use another socket (TCP) set in listen state by Calling Listen and then accept.

This other part is done in one OTHER MQX task.

I know the accept function is blocant until link is done.



During this time, the other task which manage UDP frame is always working.

But while "accept" not return because no connection on TCP, the UDP frame cannot be received. Function recvfrom() failed with error 1704


Please could you help me on this point?