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i.MX6 Solo Lite consumption current at 1GHz Arm clock

Question asked by kwangbog ham on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by igorpadykov

Dear Sir,


I'm developing the face recognition project with your i.MX6 Solo Lite.


Our main clock must be about 1GHz and main power is battery.


So, the consumption current of i.MX6 Solo Lite (@ 1GHz Arm clock)  is important to our project.


I could find your two application note.
(AN4580 for i.MX6 Solo lite and AN4715 for i.MX6 Solo)


In the AN4580, there are just only three use case.(DSM, IDLE, MP3 Audio)

As you can see, these use case are a lot of different with our project because of ARM clock difference.

(Our ARM clock is about 1GHz, but mp3 audio clock is 400MHz)


In the AN4715, there are a lot of use cases.

I could find the similar use case(Dhrystone benchmark) with our project because it use 996MHz ARM clock.

In Dhrystone benchmark, GPU2D,GPU3D core, GPU3D shader, VPU and IPU1 clock is off. (We will turn these clock off)


Your application note(AN4715) show the consumption current at Dhrystone benchmark to us.

The total current is 624.8mA(without DDR3 I/O + memory)



Here are some questions.


The main reason which i send you these
question and acquire your answer is that our main supply(power source to run our application) is battery.

(alkali battery, 1.5V * 4EA) i.MX6 Solo Lite's current is important to our project.

Based on the Dhrystone benchmark of i.MX6 Solo in application note,

if the consumption current of i.MX6 Solo Lite is the almost same with i.MX6 Solo,

Maybe, i think that i can't use your i.MX6 Solo Lite.


Please, send me your answer at the below question as soon as possible:


1. Could you please explain what the Dhrystone benchmark test is?


2. Could you please send me the consumption current of i.MX6 Solo Lite at Dhrystone benchmark test?

(At second question, what i want to know is consumption current of i.MX6 Solo Lite only, without external interfacing device,

for example, DDR3, NOR32 and etc.)




3. Without the external interfacing devices(For example, DDR3, NOR flash, and etc),

Can i know the consumption current of i.MX6 Solo Lite at 1GHz ARM clock?



Kwangbog HAM