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MQX 4.2 Problem with finding a file on SDCard

Question asked by Travis Klassen on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Radek Sestak

I was previously using MQX4.0 and my SDCard functions were all working fine.

We are trying to move to 4.2 and are finding a few issues we need to solve.

I need to be able to find a file on a SDCard, and the code used to work perfectly, but now it fails to find the file.

I'm able to create and write a separate file just fine after discovering not to flush the filesystem after writing.

Has the find file routine changed as well?


   MQX_FILE_PTR fs_ptr = NULL;

   char filepath[] = "b:\\file*.s19";

   MFS_SEARCH_DATA search_data;



   fs_ptr = _io_get_fs_by_name("b:");




   search.WILDCARD =  (char_ptr)&filepath;

   search.SEARCH_DATA_PTR = &search_data;


   if( ioctl( fs_ptr, IO_IOCTL_FIND_FIRST_FILE, (uint32_t *) & search ) == MFS_NO_ERROR )


      DBG_INFO( "Upgrade files found, waiting 30s for upgrade request" );




      DBG_INFO( "No upgrade files found" );