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MFS Create Directory issue

Question asked by Guillaume Tiffineau on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by Radek Sestak



I'm using the MFS stack with MQX 4.0.

I have an issue with the stack. When I create a directory (just one subdirectory), it takes several seconds (2 or 3 seconds).


The SD card is a recent SD card and I have no issue in writting or reading the files.

I can't use an other version of MQX.


The instruction that takes time is : error_code = ioctl(filesystem_handle, IO_IOCTL_CREATE_SUBDIR, _DirectoryName);


Is it normal that a creation of directory takes so much time? How can I do it faster?

Can you help me?


This is a part of my code if it's usefull :


char * _DirectoryName;


_DirectoryName = strtok(_str, "\\");


while(_DirectoryName != NULL)


            error_code = ioctl(filesystem_handle, IO_IOCTL_CHANGE_CURRENT_DIR, _DirectoryName);


            if(error_code == FS_PATH_NOT_FOUND)


                error_code = ioctl(filesystem_handle, IO_IOCTL_CREATE_SUBDIR, _DirectoryName);

                error_code = ioctl(filesystem_handle, IO_IOCTL_CHANGE_CURRENT_DIR, _DirectoryName);



            _DirectoryName = strtok(NULL, "\\");