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Problems configuring 2-Channel LPDDR2 on i.MX6Q

Question asked by Steffen Doster on May 12, 2015
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I'm developing on a custom i.MX6Q-Board and we want to use a 2-Channel LPDDR2 configuration with two Micron MT42L128M32D1TK chips (512MB per chip).

But I'm nearly running mad with this because either u-boot shows only the half size of the RAM, crashes at RAM-calculation or doesn't even start. Oh, and I forgot the fourth case: I can even start Linux and everything tells me that the system now has 1GB, but I can't believe that because my system crashes when I test the RAM with


memtester 300 1


I also think this is the reason why I can see the login-screen, but X-Server crashes when I try to login.


Short summary of my environment:

Debugger:      Trace32

Bootloader:     U-Boot 2015.01

Boot-Device:   SD-Card

Linux:              3.19

Distribution:    Debian 8


I hope, the connections between CPU and RAM are OK. I attached the schematic in a pdf-file.


I used the LPDDR2 Script Aid to get a somehow working configuration. I think everything is adjusted correctly, but if I use it the way it is now configured, U-Boot and Linux tell me that there are only 512MB RAM.

I also tried to set "Number of Chip Selects used per Channel" to 2, but this already crashes at boot of u-boot.

The resulting .cfg-file is sie_mx6q_ScriptAid.cfg.


I tried to configure a .cfg-file for U-Boot by my own. With this, the i.MX6 "thinks" it has 1GB of Memory and even boots to Login-Screen, but crashes on memtester (see above).

My own try is in sie_mx6q.cfg.


What am I doing wrong? Or what didn't I understood?


Do you need further information?

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