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i.MX6S SDMA mem_2_ssiapp script transfer no data

Question asked by torus1000 on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by DAUPHIN Alexandre

Hi all,


I modified i.MX6 platformSDK sample code to playback with I2S audio codec.

        sdma\test\spi_lpb.c   ecspi_app_test()
        sdma\test\uart_loopback.c   uart_app_test()

In case of NOT using SDMA, there was no problem to play.
But in case of using SDMA, nothing played(no sound).
It seems SSI asserted DMA request signal and SDMA took exact time to suit data size.


Can anybody help me...?

(Q1) Is there any tips or special settings to use SDMA/mem_2_ssiapp?

(Q2) I set destination address as "SSI Transmit Data Register : SSIn_STXn". Is it correct?