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Create identical executable with command line and IDE

Question asked by Mike Berggren on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by Pascal Irrle

I'm trying to create an identical executable using both the CodeWarrior IDE 5.9 and command line for MPC5554. I've been using this guide to help:


I'm using the checksum as given by the s19 file as the standard for comparison. As far as I can tell I have all the corresponding command-line and IDE compile/link options the same, but the checksum doesn't come out the same. There may very well be some hidden option that I'm missing. But before I dig too much deeper, does anyone know if this is even possible? It appears to me that the IDE doesn't use the same compiler or linker executable that you use from the command line, so I'm a bit skeptical.


Alternately, if anyone knows where I can find the object code that is produced by the IDE, that could be useful as well assuming I can grab it and link it via command line. I've searched all over for it, but they've hidden it pretty well.


If you're wondering why I care that they're exactly identical, it's because it's a safety-critical application and I'm required to get full object code coverage on each object file. To do this I need to link a test script to each object file to give it the proper input vectors to meet coverage.