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issue about imx6_platform_sdk test for imx6dlsabreauto

Question asked by Zongbiao Liao on May 11, 2015
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I want to run test apps provided by imx6_platform_sdk on imx6dlsabreauto board.

I built the sdk with ./tools/build_sdk -target mx6sdl -board sabre_ai -v a, and used dd

command to write the sdk_unit_test_ALL.bin to a SD card,then powered on the board,

I got the console output as bellow.


The issue is that I cannot input anything to select a menu item.And I did the same thing on

imx6qsabreauto board, it was OK.


Could you tell why I cannot input on imx6dlsabreauto board.


---------------------------------------below is console output--------------------------------


    Platform SDK (1.1) for MX6SDL TO1.1 Sabre AI (ARD) rev. A
    Build: May  7 2015, 21:33:19
    Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. All rights reserved.

========== Clock frequencies ===========
CPU: 792000 kHz
DDR: 396000 kHz
IPG: 49500 kHz
Debug UART: 80000000 Hz

SDK Unit Tests

  e - epit test
  g - gpt test
  i - i2c test
  w - pwm test
  s - sdma test
  r - snvs rtc test
  v - snvs srtc test
  t - tempmon test
  u - uart test
  d - usdhc test
  c - gic test
  m - microseconds timer test
  wa - watchdog test
  o - ocotp test
  wp - cpu workpoint test
  h - hdmi test
  ip - ipu test
  mc - multicore test
  ei - eim test
  mi - mipi test
  f - flexcan test
  us - usb test
  n - spi nor test
  pc - pcie test
  ca - camera test
  x - accelerometer test
  q - Exit menu.

  Select test to run: