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Logging In Bounces Me Back to the "Welcome" Page

Question asked by TomE on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by denisse_mendoza

This is a "new" behavior of the "Upgraded" Forum Software.


This is how it used to work:


1 - I was logged in Yesterday, but Today I'm not (the automatic logout),

2 - Navigate to a Forum/Place/Space and be viewing a Discussion,

3 - Click on "Login",

4 - Depending on how long I've been logged out, sometimes I'd log in immediately, and other times I'd go through the "Login" page,

5 - I end up back on the SAME page as step (2), but now logged in.

This is what it does now:


Steps 1-4 are the same

5 - I'm dumped back to the " " page,

6 - I now have to navigate the long path back to where I was, and

7 - The "Back" button gives me a web site error, so that isn't a workaround.


Please reinstate the old behavior.