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68332: is there any known sensitivity to 5 volt power supply "brownout"?

Question asked by TOM MCTAGGART on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by TOM MCTAGGART

Our 68332 boards (or some of them anyway) appear senstive to 5V power supply going down to some intermediate voltage (approximately 3V to 1V) and then returning.


In this case, some of our '332 devices will not come out of reset, and cannot be made to come out of reset unless power is completely taken down (to approximately 0V) and then restored. We could call this a power brownout condition. We feed the '332 an external 16MHZ clock, and both clock and reset inputs are OK. But the '332 is not showing any activity (e.g. no attempt to come up and fetch instructions after reset release).


Any comments or similar experiences?

BTW, we recognize that we could revise our power supply and reset circuit to prevent this (e..g by sensing brownout voltage and forcing the power supply off till it goes to 0V, etc.), but we are trying to gain insight into whether the '332 is knonw sensitve to this, and what is happening internallly to it.

Thanks for any help on this!