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Issues about Power Up by the Signal PMIC_ON_REQ on MX6DL

Question asked by tony.l.cai on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2015 by tony.l.cai

Hi, all

     I want to use the signal PMIC_ON_REQ to trigger the external PMIC to power up the entire system. But now I encounter the problems. Firstly, when I turn off the system(via "adb reboot -p"), I measured the votage about the pin PMIC_ON_REQ is 2V, why? And when I pulg out the adapter, OK, no voltage, then pulg in the adapter, no voltage. But in the next time, only when my adapter was not plugged out (always connected) , shutdown the system,power up, over and over again, the pin PMIC_ON_REQ always is 2V. why? Refering to the manual reference, when system is turn on


Secondly,my settings are following, but when I turned off(via "adb reboot -p"), it didnt wake up. why? How to wake up?


cat /proc/driver/rtc

rtc_time        : 00:09:20

rtc_date        : 1970-01-02

alrm_time       : 00:19:17

alrm_date       : 1970-01-02

alarm_IRQ       : yes

alrm_pending    : no

update IRQ enabled      : no

periodic IRQ enabled    : no

periodic IRQ frequency  : 1

max user IRQ frequency  : 64

24hr            : yes

alarm_IRQ       : yes